dogs in space

by The Ears

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A compilation of The Ears best and/or most notorious material. Dogs in Space is the only extant album from the band.


released December 4, 2010

Restored, Mixed and Mastered by Simon Polinski at Laundry Goat.

Sam Sejavka (vocals)
Mick Lewis (guitar)
Ian [unknown] (bass)
Cathy McQuade (bass, vocals)
Chuck Meo (drums)
Carl Manuell (drums)
Tim McLaughlan (keyboards)
Gus Till (keyboards)
Steve Vanguard (keyboards)



all rights reserved


The Ears Melbourne, Australia

The legendary Melbourne post-punk band of the early 80s - on which the film 'Dogs in Space' was based (and in which lead singer Sam Sejavka was played by Michael Hutchence of INXS) have exhumed themselves from an early grave and are realising their frightening potential for madness, whimsy and mind-destroying rock. ... more

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Track Name: scarecrow
~ scarecrow ~
From underneath
The stranger spaces in my heart
There something speaks
With a grim and ghastly grin to warn me
She’s standing there
A scarlet raven by her side
And I stop to stare …
What’s her name
The one I been following …

And I’ll stay in here
With all my needles in the red
For a thousand years
Or however long as the time it takes …
She’s standing there
Oh, be it her ashes or her soul
Or a minute when
I had time to waste and a tail to chase

Around & round & round & round
And in the same old places
Time and time and time again
Through this sea of faces

Scarecrow been flailing too long at the sparrow
I’m thirsty - But that’s how it goes you know
Scarecrow been eaten right down to the marrow
Hello. Hello. It goes you know

And there she is
And there are my fevers and my chills
And how is it
That when your fingers shake and the cellophane breaks
She’s standing there
All over the grey and drunken day
For a minute when …
Hey, what’s her name?
The one I been following …


Scarecrow, so cold, so decrepit and narrow
Scarecrow forgotten what drowned in his sorrow
Track Name: sagging insects
~ sagging insects ~

They corner you
They open you
They flavour you
They bleed on you

They use perfume,
let the air in
Know no numbers
Know no thunder

Let you waver
In the blister
Give you more
More than you can take
Something sick is
Coiled inside her
Sagging insects
Try to find her

Give me sagging insects
Got those sagging insects
You’re my sagging insect

Give you power
Let you run free
In the garden
If it’s raining
If there’s thunder
If it’s opal
If these plastic trees are wooden

The thicker blood is only mud
The quicker blood is only me
The mud is moving
Clouds are forming
Mud is ordered to stop moving


Under streetlamps
Under burning
Leaving dead flies
On the sidewalk
There’s a slow man
There’s a fast man
One is diamond
One is granite

On the street
A puddle’s growing
All it holds is dirty water
When the rivers meet the puddles
Then they hold
A dirty body


Do the sagging insect
Track Name: the perennial boogie
~ The Perennial Boogie ~

We sail

I’m writhing in my primal splendour
Travel on. Travel on.
I’m dressed up in my clear placenta
I’m passed around in plastic bottles
Oh love they turned my days to dollars

We sail

I’m working on a new creation
Travel on. Travel on.
I’ve got my elbow to the foetus
I’m not about to show you pictures
Oh love they turned my days to dollars.

We sail
Track Name: the crater
~ the crater ~

watch as he bends through the heat in the air
in front of a mirror that’s returning his stare
and once in a while, a thick crayon smile
will burst through the bitter place where everything is vile
you follow the grin, as it splits/spills in his hands
as it splits up to the ceiling and then suddenly you’re in

and mother drink from the dirty nipple
milk that’s designed to cripple
Here in the brimming crater

look, smell the darkness splinter
mother let your insects enter
here in the brimming crater
she calls aloud, I hate her

[he’s] wasting his blood
wasting his breath
and with each tired beat they wonder how much time he’s left
she darkens her eyes
and colours her lips
and strides around the crater floor pretending she’s not sick
and down in the well
they scratch at the walls
as he wanders round the crater floor ignoring it all.

She calls aloud I hate her
Track Name: leap for lunch
~ leap for lunch ~

and such a day
was made for make believe
we take a ride
upon the roundabout

is it what my life is leading to
that I walking in the park with you
but how can I speak now
when all that I feel
is dressed like a salad and arguably real

happy happy happy oooeeeeeooo
happy happy happy
the day’s a treat and the night’s a feast and I walk holding you
and you can hold me too

her rosy cheeks are warm with simple glee
I take my love
I take seriously

I reach for her fingers but they’re gone
and in their place something is taking form
and there appears such a glorious meal
dressed like a salad but arguably real


I’m on her breath
I’m in her very soul
if she belongs to me
then she won’t let me go

I burn this precious dinner to a crisp
I tear apart the final shopping list
but such is my future, as such it is sealed
let this be my salad. Let this be my meal

Track Name: one light
~ one light ~

i slipped cardboard sunshine between her teeth and she lost her marbles.
now she can point out the red lights, the green lights, the blue and the yellow lights up there,
up there ...
up there ...

there’s a space in the crowd where the quiet wires touch together;
purplemen come to meet me and I pray to god that must be normal,
be normal ...
be normal ...

and it’s becoming clearer
one light between my fingers
and not like any other

I held it between my fingers and it held me through the night
I have set the time awry in this artificial light

there may be others making headway through the grey
and when the laughing stops, the circling starts again

there’s a ring on my finger - it looks like it is but it’s not a mountain
I try dismantling the darkness, but all I can see is one ring, one light
one ring one light ...
one ring one light ...

there may be others waiting
there may be others waiting
there may be others building a bold and handsome name
Track Name: jeopardy
~ jeopardy ~

there’s a frost that seals my windows down ...
there’s a fear that finds me underground ...

o see, see how they run ... oh they come ...
through the night that cuts morning apart from the day,
and down, down through these slivering streets,
unwinding like string over everyone they meet;
but why, why must I follow you
through the bones of the fingers that wouldn’t let go?

jeopardy, jeopardy
(sun in the pouring rain [tonight])
And I still lose heart late at night.
jeopardy, jeopardy
(sun in the pouring rain [tonight]
and I only wanted you to know

and it’s me - it’s me - I’m the mutineer,
who scratches apart all the things you hold dear
so why ... can’t I believe that it’s true
that the thing ... that I found the kitchen was you?


o I see, I see how you fish for a glance
from a huddled outsider who hasn’t a chance,
but swift, as swift as your fingers may be
mine still have colour and are still serving me


jeopardy jeopardy goes
Track Name: being in a bank
~ being in a bank ~

neon streaks drift across his forehead
and dress his sweat with unearthly tinsel
being in a bank
but I can’t trust what I cannot fathom
being in a bank
I’m not scared, I’m not scared

and if the being holds a bankcard
it grafts his flesh to the world we know
being in a bank
but I can’t trust what I cannot fathom
being in a bank
I’m not scared, I not scared

muscle down the door
muscle down the zombie
[I] got to be sure
that the carnivore
that I saw In the darkness isn’t gonna prey

and though his eyes are as grey as the oceans
the colour will come if he dreams of promotion
and through his skin, I can almost see daylight
'cause here, in the dust, is no hope of survival

who can tell on this tired evening
how much we can trust in the world we know

Track Name: girl with ribbons
~ girl with ribbons ~

here’s house so weak in the winter
the walls can’t stop what the weather began
[it was ] here I meant so much to you
in the face and the clothes of a different man

and if you call it
if you think I’m
The Magus
ain’t much you can do about it, even in the end

julia, here is a word of warning. Julia …

and I sack my flesh for Julia
I’ll get what’s left when she finally blows
here’s a ring, a ruby
here’s a ribbon from the river below

if you make that …
if you call it
not much you can do about it, even in the end

Julia, here is a word of warning.
Julia …
and all the Girls with Ribbons

tonight I ran from wrack to ruin
I sold every lock of your alien hair
I was a slave in the service of beauty
I was a snail in the home of the fair

and if you call it
if you call it
ain’t much you can do about it, even in the end

Julia, here is a word of warning.
Julia …
and all the Girls with Ribbons
they leave my kitchen bare
Track Name: dance with her (again)
~ dance with her (again) ~

now bring to me the good old brandy
and gently turn the good old television on
and on through these tired reaches
the nerves here know the night is happening again
ah, na na na na, I love ya

and if I die tonight
her light would be my friend
ah that would be my chosen end
and if I step too close
my hair would stand on end
but I may not dance with her again

and I smile as all the names and faces
go flashing past the bleak the bleakest screen of all
the screens that are chipped and ragged.
they’re warm, they’re rich, they’re out there
but none of them are mine


the house where she dances is gold
the house where she dances is cold
the house where she dances is old
the house where she dances is sold

and she kissed me, called me inside and told me her name for once it was wild
and I loved her here on this icy couch for her heart as much as her style
and the ceiling weeps and it falls away, but in the corner there it goes on
and I cut her short in the dead of night, but the tune lingers on

and the tune seems to linger on
Track Name: the lollyhater
~ the lollyhater ~

in the milk-bars of my mind
things seldom change
and the blind must lead the blind
across the sweltering sweetness

and on and up to the
who tolls the bitter bell
cheek to chocolate cheek with the...

this shop will sell you anything
a cake garnished in grey
or migraine ice-cream
that’s just a hint of the power ...

those éclair eyes of the...
who weilds the wedding march
cheek to chocolate cheek with the...

whaah-hi! die!

see the posters on the wall
are they the stations of
the cross of candy tall
or some mysterious madness

or more than that
who tolls the bitter bell
cheek to chocolate cheek with the...
I, now I believe ...
Track Name: tinsel
~ tinsel ~

This is the day
I rust and fall away
I am in a rut
I am in decay

But come what may
The worm is in my pay
Should I dress to kill
Only to be killed?

This is Tinsel
Take it or leave her or
This is Tinsel
I don’t need magic but
This is Tinsel
Blue blue and easily spent
Is Tinsel
Wound round my head as a crown

I am alive
With nothing on my mind;
If I am in decline
It is by design`

I am the shrine
To your glass-bottomed bride
Should I dress to kill
Only to be killed?

This is Tinsel
Beetles and baubles and ...
This is Tinsel
Angels and earthlings and ...
This is Tinsel
Cat-calls and gewgaws and
This is Tinsel
hung round my neck like a stone

There’s nothing left
Of my white cotton-breath
I am in a set.
I am at the death.

Last night I slept
In a flaming kitchenette
Should I dress to kill
Only to be killed?

shot through my flesh like a bone


See how she flies to the moon with the sun in her mouth
Track Name: golfcourse
~ golfcourtse ~

long ago when I was not much older than a day
daddy used to take me there to watch him while he played

golfcourse, do you remember?
of course you do
golf course, when I was young
o, didn’t I envy you

now the days have turned to years and I’ve become a man
I’ve bought myself a set of clubs and I try the best I can

here comes the early morning
light revealing you
golf course without you there
not much a man can do

golfcourse across the world
and in the darkest reach
golfcourse dismiss the others
I am yours to teach

voices singing in my head, they’re willing me to play
I’m alive so much alive, hey what more can you say

ask me what I have become and where my future lies
I’ll tap my clubs and say I’ll stay here till I die
Track Name: the triple treat
~ a triple treat ~

I have lived inside a goldmine
and I came clear with nothing gained;
but the dust, in puddles,
like a light and golden wine,
is a cold love
in the corners of my eyes

but I found ribbons on the kitchen floor
and these RED things
are the kind of things ...
are the kind I need ...
you know the kind I need ...
I want more

it goes ...
a triple treat
a treat treat
and triple tigers perish on the hour

Here, I've left these vultures waiting so long,
for so long, their vicious hearts have failed
and did you hear the bare and bleeding shrieks
that make their song?
well, if you must know ...
if you must know they were in love.

But I found ribbons on the kitchen floor
and these DEAD things
are the kind I need ...
you know the kind I need ...
I want more

it goes ...
a triple treat
a treat treat
and triple tigers perish on the hour
Track Name: brickwoman
~ brick woman ~

(approximate version)

the mouth
the water
the shattered desert
the sick begin-in-nings
on his carpet now

the head and the wall
the scar on the day
the moon now at bay
the scream is himself

he has found himself
skin is on the shelf
the mouth loves the car
the mouth leaves the mark


on the lips the dirt
moonlight on the shirt
treading on some snails
found a crystal snail

give it to the street
gave it to the house
gravel in the eyes
drivel of the sky

the sand may still surprise
a flash on cannon fire
who decides on this
shrinking little bit


when you going to wear this long and lonely highway?
who am I to keep you clean in company?
what am I to say when you’re on the ground in misery?
when you going to stop this staring at the ground in solitude?
who is gonna who is gonna
who is gonna who is gonna comfort you
who’s that boy and who’s that girl and who’s that dog?
and who is going to come for you?
la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
brick woman
la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la la
brick woman
Track Name: dogs in space
~ dogs in space ~

mind explodes
out come dogs
they shoot off
into space
dogs out there
floating round
threatening the human race

dogs in space

planet opens
out come dogs
missiles fire
they Bounce right off
panic stations!
red alert!
on the menu …
planet Earth

dogs in space

here they come
coats ‘a gleam
chew up stars
jaws of steel
we are dog food
open can
dogs rush in
can this be real?

dogs in space

no defences we are cats
if they were cats then we’d be mice
massive pain [master plan]
massive dogs [mass of dogs]
run for cover
don’t look twice

dogs in space